Optimising Estate

Optimising property performance and estate services provision can significantly improve an organisation’s profitability and efficiency. Change and business transformation need careful consideration of estate portfolio and all associated costs. Equally, major estate portfolio changes can be a catalyst for business transformation and operating efficiencies. A strategic view and clear management plan are critical to both.

We help clients achieve organisational goals through better use of their property and infrastructure, often realising significant additional non-fiscal benefits. Our approach is based upon:

  • A Strategic Perspective – engaging stakeholders early, defining business needs on proven information and analysis, we develop a genuinely strategic approach to future management of property and infrastructure, exploring all options including outsourcing.
  • Translating business activities into property needs – we work with our clients to fully understand their future business activities, before translating them into tangible property requirements and functions.
  • Clarity – we develop tailored, transparent regimes to analyse options and optimise portfolios with qualitative and cost assessments that are robust to scrutiny.
  • Trusted Information – we ensure that raw property and infrastructure data is verified and translated into actionable information. Where estate is large, complex or expensive, we work with our partners Eventmap to deliver evidence-based, data-driven models of current and future estate utilisation, to quantify the implications before you either buy or build.
  • Stakeholder buy-in and support – we ensure that key stakeholders are involved in our process so that they feel part of the strategic decision-making.
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