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Electi's roots and head office are in Hereford, home of the UK’s Special Forces. We provide specialist personnel for MOD and high security projects, including:

  • Project and Requirements Management
  • Security and Protection Services
  • Secure Courier Services
  • Explosives Experts
  • Personnel Safety Tracking
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training
All our personnel are extremely accomplished and highly vetted individuals from special forces, military and emergency services, as well as vastly experienced infrastructure and delivery specialists from across the private and public sectors.

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EventMAP are a specialist software and consultancy solution provider who have revolutionised timetabling, event scheduling, schedule modelling, space modelling and resource management for their clients within higher education, the public sector and industry. Their solutions are based on a bespoke suite of software tools developed from cutting-edge research in mathematical modelling and algorithms for real world optimisation problems.

EventMAP's board and management team are comprised of some of the world’s leading experts in optimisation technologies and their 22 staff include an in-house development team and a consultancy team comprised of internationally-recognised space, resource and workplace planners.

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HLM is a leading design practice headquartered in the UK, offering a rare combination of design skills including Architecture, Landscape and Urban Design, Interior Design, Environmental Design and Masterplanning from ten offices in London, Sheffield, Glasgow, Belfast, Manchester, Cardiff, Plymouth, Johannesburg South Africa, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We are a creative organisation, but one with its feet firmly on the ground. We combine flair, imagination and passion with an informed approach to the critical financial, operational and quality aspects of our projects. We champion the importance of design quality, sustainability and innovation, and our projects are driven by all of these, in pursuit of overall design excellence, but within a core framework or financial affordability.

True design excellence is not short-term. We believe in sustainability and regeneration. We have developed our own IT based design tool-kit specifically to test every conceivable environmental condition to rigorously examine the environmental quality, attributes and opportunity of any given site or location. We have established HLM Environment, to ensure that for all clients, on all projects and in our day-to-day operations, we consider the world around us.

Client satisfaction is critical to our mission. Our design process is centred on our clients’ vision and operational needs, and we build close working relationships to ensure the highest levels of service and design solutions to exceed expectation. That dedication to true partnership, our ability to pinpoint and address project priorities and deliver maximum value on each project, are the reasons we enjoy such a high level of repeat work.

We have developed a unique blend of commercial, teaching and design expertise and gained an unrivalled range of experience across a broad range of sectors including education, healthcare, justice, defence, civic, commercial and residential. We are also at the forefront of PPP and PFI projects in the UK and across the world.

Our people are our strength, the core of our business and our unique ethos. Through their skill, character and endeavour, we continue to deliver the aspiration and vision of our clients.

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